• Research and Advocacy
    Research and Advocacy

    Team of Volunteers from PVI Uganda carrying out research in the different villages in and around Northern Uganda.

  • PVI Staff with Luis Gabriel Moreno Ocampo
    PVI Staff with Luis Gabriel Moreno Ocampo

    PVI Uganda staff together with Luis Gabriel Moreno Ocampo at the dine with Ocampo dinner organized by Invisible children at Bomah Hotel Gulu.

  • Beads
    Beads made by children at Gulu reman home.

    Display of the beads made by the children in prison at the Gulu reman home in Pece division.

  • Gulu Remand Home
    PVI Team Visiting Gulu Remand Home

    PVI Team and the executive director at the Gulu reman home visiting the children in prison.

  • PVI Uganda and International Volunteers
    PVI Uganda and International Volunteers

    Partners and Volunteers Initiative team members with a group of international Volunteers to Uganda. This was during a training session for the youth living within the communities of Northern Uganda.

  • PVI Uganda Team
    PVI Uganda Team

    A team of the Volunteers and the management staff working with Partners and Volunteers Initiative ( PVI ) Uganda.

  • Community Development and Transformation
    Community Development and Transformation

    Partners and Volunteers Initiative team members in a community development and transformation program

  • Community Development
    Community Development

    Charlotte, Bryan and Martin Volunteers at Partners and Volunteers Initiative in community development program around the villages of Northern Uganda

To contribute to community development through voluntary service


Through promoting education, different children get access to quality information and knowledge that will help them in capacity building.

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Community Development

Community Development
We are committed to partnering with volunteers to improve lives today and to help provide sustainable solutions for the future of families, 

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One of our primary goals is to improve on the live's of people through community sensitization & awareness, basic health care education.

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Vision and Mission


We exist to empower all youths to realize their full potential through voluntary service.


To contribute to community development through voluntary service

Welcome to Partners and Volunteers Initiative Uganda

Are you unemployed yet resourceful? Do you want to volunteer? Do you need volunteers in your organization? Join us at PVI Uganda.

Partners and Volunteers Initiative Uganda (PVI Uganda)  is an independent, indigenous, non-sectarian, grassroots, non-political, community based volunteer service organization committed to providing a platform for local and international volunteers to transform lives through voluntary service. The organization is registered with Gulu District Local Government Community Service Department number CDR/5045.

The organization is founded by young people and formally started functioning in November 2012 and got registered in February, 2013

PVI Uganda is a hub for local community volunteers for organizations that are sourcing for local volunteers; and volunteers looking for a platform to offer their service.


 The concept of this organization was inspired by realities of unemployment in our community and research findings on unemployment of youths. According to Africa Development Indicator Report, World Bank, 2008/2009,” Uganda had the highest youth unemployment rate (83%) and with the youngest population”. Also, according to International Organization of Migration, 70% of Acholi youth are unemployed (See, Flavia  Nalubega, Unemployment Rate in Acholi Region At 70 Percent, The Monitor, 4 November 2009.)

PVI Uganda is positioning itself as a local initiative through voluntary service with targeted interventions to help young people overcome disadvantages in entering and remaining in the labor market. PVI Uganda believes through voluntary service young people can identify their careers, gain experience, share their skills and knowledge and eventually gain and maintain full employment hence be able to transform their communities.


Our philosophy is that, we the local community members can tap local resources using local means to address our local problems. 


Currently PVI Uganda runs girls Scholarship Program; we also support the rehabilitation and reintegration of our children at Gulu Remand Home; Mirriwa SACCO in Unyama. This is all funded by local community donors; offering local expertise like beads sales & consultancies  and trainings ; small scale business enterprises like Mobile Money, and PVI Uganda Computer Center based in Pece, plot 124, Acholi Road, opposite Police Primary School.

Our Objectives

  • To provide opportunity for young people to learn, grow, gain experience and identify their careers
  • To provide a platform for young volunteers to utilize knowledge, talents & skills to enrich themselves and be the best they can become.
  • To promote and protect our culture through our cultural exchange program and cultural tourism
  • To promote the culture of voluntary service with a view of reinforcing young people’s solidarity and engagement as active citizens
  • To collaborate and form partnerships with local and national organizations, government and international organizations, private enterprises in order to meet volunteering needs in our community.
  • To be a hub of volunteer service organizations within northern Uganda, coordinating and organizing them to advance voluntary service interests.

For more information visit our website: www.pviuganda.org and facebook page: Partners & Volunteers Initiative Uganda.

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